A showcase of art from the saddleworth group of artists

  • Christine Sheard
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  • Dark Pool Elterwater Langdale
  • OIL on canvas
  • £300

Qualified to teach Art and Geography. Kesteven College, University of Nottingham. 

Whilst teaching in Leeds  I took advantage of evening classes at Leeds College of Art. 

Obtained a degree in History of Art and Architecture at Victoria University Manchester and through this

I developed a love of medieval and Early Northern Renaissance art. Perhaps this shows in my use of colour.

 I work mostly from drawings and memory. 

As an ex-alpinist many of my paintings reflect my love and mountains, cliffs and flora of wild places.

Occasionally I veer towards the abstract. 

Often I paint ‘en plein air’ particularly when I am  in North West Scotland and the Outer Hebrides. 

Recently I have referred to photographs when using my grandchildren as subjects. 

I use  different media, depending on the situation and subject and of course ideas vary. 

I have painted with the Journees de Peintures international group in France. 

Primarily I paint for pleasure. 

Some of my work is in private hands.